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Being a student ambassador

Being a student ambassador

Hiya folks,  It's Elliott here again:

"When will this guy stop writing blogs?" 

I'll tell you when, these hands quit typing, that's when. This little instalment into the student blog world will give you an insight into the life of an ambassador here with our university scheme; and how dang useful it has been for Ollie and I.

The first thing to being in such a prestigious role is do your bit, and this is done by making sure you take good care of the Instagram with posts, stories and giveaways; also making sure you keep it fresh like spicing up a STUDIOUS TUNAGE, or maybe making a lil' interactive story; all this plays a part. Most recently we were able to get your pictures of the campus; here is an example of one:

This sorta' stuff makes sure you guys know we do see what you do and LOVE it.

Another little thing we do is host wee events, it may be for a new book; I'm looking at you Dr.Hooper, maybe we have an event, and if you're lucky we may even pull up to one of your intro lectures to slip in a word or two about our program. 

What do we take away from it I hear you ask? Why on earth would I do all this? The short answer is that you have committed time into something while you've been at University, something that required thought, advertisement and time; something an employer will be eager to see. You will meet and talk to other ambassadors from across the UK all representing your organisation in different ways. You build on your interpersonal skills, your social media skills, all things you need; I mean the money is also pretty useful. All in all meeting Suzanne our Engagement Partner on the fateful day Ollie and I embarked on the student ambassador journey is one I will never forget and I hope one of you is able to fill out boots, even if they're pretty big.

Stay safe folks, keep your eyes on the Instagram. 

Being a student ambassador

By Elliott Halford
I am a 3rd year student here at the university of Chester studying physics

Being a student ambassador

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