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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 4e 4th edition

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 4e 4th edition

Paperback by Hillier, David

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 4e


Publication Date:
15 Oct 2021
4th edition
McGraw-Hill Education (UK) Ltd
For delivery:
Estimated despatch 30 Apr - 2 May 2024
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 4e


Now in its fourth edition, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance continues to use its engaging, accessible narrative to give students an introductory overview of the key concepts in modern corporate finance, and the strategies used by firms in this continually changing field. The author uses years of expertise to guide readers through a framework of corporate finance, providing readers with a solid foundation of knowledge. With integrated theories and real-world European examples, the new edition presents the fundamentals of corporate finance in a clear and captivating way. Key Features New Sustainability in Finance boxes provide awareness on how sustainability and corporate finance are interconnected in every-day life. Example boxes in every chapter provide real and hypothetical examples, illustrating theoretical concepts such as calculating returns, bond yields and equity. Real World Insight boxes on prominent topics like mortgages, investing and price models illustrate how corporate finance theories and concepts have been applied to business and decisions. Up-to-date content reflecting the latest developments in the field, including the growth of ethics and sustainability, the emergence of cryptocurrencies and financial technology, and the impact of Brexit on corporate finance practice. Coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic and how this has and will impact the field of corporate finance in the future. Material aligns with external syllabi from professional bodies including ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW.


PART ONE: OVERVIEW OF CORPORATE FINANCE 1 Introduction to Corporate Finance 2 Corporate Governance 3 Financial Statement Analysis PART TWO: VALUATION OF FUTURE CASH FLOWS 4 Introduction to Valuation: The Time Value of Money 5 Discounted Cash Flow Valuation 6 Bond Valuation 7 Equity Valuation PART THREE: CAPITAL BUDGETING 8 Net Present Value and Other Investment Criteria 9 Making Capital Investment Decisions 10 Project Analysis and Evaluation PART FOUR: RISK AND RETURN 11 Some Lessons from Recent Capital Market History 12 Return, Risk and the Security Market Line PART FIVE: COST OF CAPITAL AND LONG-TERM FINANCIAL POLICY 13 Cost of Capital 14 Raising Capital 15 Financial Leverage and Capital Structure Policy 16 Dividends and Payout Policy PART SIX: TOPICS IN CORPORATE FINANCE 17 Short-Term Financial Planning and Management 18 International Corporate Finance 19 Behavioural Finance 20 Financial Risk Management 21 Options and Corporate Finance 22 Mergers and Acquisitions


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