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Advanced Modern Macroeconomics: Analysis and Application

Advanced Modern Macroeconomics: Analysis and Application

Paperback by Gillman, Max

Advanced Modern Macroeconomics: Analysis and Application


Publication Date:
14 Dec 2010
Pearson Education Limited
Financial Times Prentice Hall
624 pages
For delivery:
Estimated despatch 24 - 25 Apr 2024
Advanced Modern Macroeconomics: Analysis and Application


Modern Macroeconomics, by Max Gillman, takes a new and modern approach to macroeconomic theory using microeconomic foundations. Building from the standard neo-classical models, Gillman has developed a new dynamic model which works to explain business cycles and unemployment, why you can have a banking lead recession as well as fiscal and monetary policy. Although strong in mathematical rigour all calculations in this text are fully derived and graphs provide a direct representation making it accessible. This text is suitable for undergraduate students studying Advanced Macroeconomics courses.


Preface Acknowledgements Part 1 MICROFOUNDATIONS OF MACROECONOMICS 1 Overview of the book Part 2 LABOUR AND GOODS MARKETS 2 Labour, leisure and productivity 3 Employment cycles and taxes 4 Trade in labour and goods markets Part 3 CAPITAL AND GOODS MARKETS 5 Savings and investment 6 Capital policy and business cycles 7 Trade in physical capital markets Part 4 MODERN AS-AD 8 Dynamic analysis and AS-AD 9 Employment 10 Dynamic AS-AD solution methodology Part 5 GROWTH, HUMAN CAPITAL AND BUSINESS CYCLES 11 Exogenous growth 12 Human capital and endogenous growth 13 Explaining cycles and trends 14 International trade Part 6 RISK, BANKING AND ASSETS 15 Incomplete markets and banking 16 Investment and banking productivity 17 Asset prices and finance Part 7 FISCAL AND MONETARY POLICY 18 Public finance 19 Taxes and growth 20 Monetary theory and policy Index


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