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Oxford Handbook of Mental Health Nursing 2nd Revised edition

Oxford Handbook of Mental Health Nursing 2nd Revised edition

Paperback by Callaghan, Patrick (Professor of Mental Health Nursing, Professor of Mental Health Nursing, University of Nottingham, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK); Gamble, Catherine (Consultant Nurse, Consultant Nurse, South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust , London, UK)

Oxford Handbook of Mental Health Nursing


Publication Date:
1 Oct 2015
2nd Revised edition / English
Oxford University Press
432 pages
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Oxford Handbook of Mental Health Nursing


Fully revised for its second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Mental Health Nursing is the indispensable resource for all those caring for patients with mental health problems. Practical, concise, and up-to-date with the latest guidelines, practice, and initiatives, this handbook is designed to allow essential information to be quickly accessible to nurses in a busy clinical setting. This Handbook contains expert guidance on all aspects of the nurses role. Written by experienced nurses and teachers, it will help you acheive the best possible results for your patients. Summaries of key sections of the mental health act are provided, as well as the mental capacity act, mental health legislation in Scotland and other UK countries. New material for the second edition includes expanded and revised information on leadership, medications, physical interventions, basic life support, religion, spirituality and faith, and working with older adults, as well as a brand new chapter on contemporary issues in mental health nursing.


1. Introduction to mental health nursing ; 2. Essential mental health nursing skillsv ; 3. Working with specific issues and concerns ; 4. Interventions ; 5. Violence ; 6. Risk ; 7. Common mental disorders ; 8. UK Mental Health Legislations ; 9. Medications ; 10. Culture ; 11. Older people ; 12. Leadership ; 13. Evidence-based mental health nursing ; 14. Research ; 15. Liaison mental health services


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